ultimate sun cell haolun xu poetry chapbook new delta review

Cover Art. Illustration by Hana Chatani. Designed by Ryan Quon.

Poetry Chapbook, Now Available. 32~ pages. Runner-Up in 2021 New Delta Review Chapbook Contest.

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Haolun Xu’s debut poetry chapbook, published with New Delta Review in December 2021. Ultimate Sun Cell is an introspection on different myths involving cataclysm, and the tale of Icarus. Poems featured in the chapbook have been published in New Ohio Review, Meridian, Raleigh Review, Witness, Ruminate, and more.

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Blurbs For Ultimate Sun Cell:

“I have the uncanny feeling, reading Haolun Xu’s Ultimate Sun Cell, that I am watching a painting or a film being made—stroke by stroke, frame by frame—from the vantage of the afterlife. (A plein-air, impressionist, speculative, mise en abyme documentary.) Central to that feeling, and to that quality, is Xu’s intuitive and spellbinding inventory of a world at cataclysmic odds with its own intentions, and the individual’s conflicted place within it. His poems, unguarded and porous, transcribe a clear-eyed and tender Revelations. Which is maybe what awaits us off the end of the unfinished world: a poetic accounting of how the lucid definition of our experience was informed, all along, by a sensibility at once hyper-present and posthumous. To listen to your own dreams is a matter of dignity, Xu writes, but to listen to another’s – is prophecy. What if your own dreams are another’s, i.e. what if another’s dreams are your own? Xu’s poetry exists in—and invents, necessarily and profoundly—the flourishing space in between.”

– Brandon Shimoda, Author of O Bon, and The Desert

“In this claustrophobic year, Haolun Xu’s Ultimate Sun Cell- with all its kaleidoscopic ruminations and wit- is a landscape of much needed discovery and surprise. “All I ever wanted/ was to transcend all things,” a speaker says, and at every turn, these poems make good on that desire. I am captivated by the uncanny and introspective terrain Xu has built where the seam of the possible world is split just a little wider: where flowers can grow from a throat in one poem, and a sketch of a lavender seed can converse with its artist in the next. Even in its imaginative leaps, Ultimate Sun Cell does not avert its gaze from the anxiety of both seen and unseen dangers. Rather, these poems endeavor to find wonder in the liminal space between safe and catastrophe, knowing and unknowing, because despite everything, “yes it’s home- it’s all damn home.”

-Jihyun Yun, Author of Some Are Always Hungry.

“It doesn’t feel completely correct to refer to the poems in Haolun Xu’s Ultimate Sun Cell as meditations. The color, the depth, the forms and formulas of this collection belong to more than the mind. They are the nutrients in a bloodstream, cattails being pulled from the chest of the earth, fire, and sunlight. These expertly crafted (often surprising) poems are more than reflections on life, death, inheritance, and belonging. They are a tactile appraisal of entire bodies—human, spiritual, celestial—their makeup, their trajectories, the things they give and receive.”

-Gustavo Hernandez, Author of Flower, Grand, First.