Selected Poetry

Forthcoming publications in:

Passages North, Post Road, The Arkansas International, Poetry Northwest (Print),


“Stone In Disbelief.” Grist Journal. (Spring 2023)

“Oceania.” Poet Lore. (Spring 2023)


“Cruel World As A Litany Of Stars.” Guernica Magazine. (Fall 2022)

“A History of Knowing.” AAWW: The Margins. (Fall 2022)

“Organica.” Poetry Northwest. (Spring 2022)

“Atlas, At Last.” The Boiler. (Fall 2022) *Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

“Achilles.” Laurel Review. (Spring 2022) *Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

“The Rabbit Is Not A Strong Gamble.” The Spectacle. (Spring 2022)

“The Roaming World.” Cream City Review. (Winter 2022)

One Poem. Lickety-Split, (Spring 2022)


“Corpse Of A Living God.” Narrative Magazine, (Fall 2021)

“Great Bottomless Well.” Gulf Coast. (Fall 2021)

“Reverse Takoyaki (How To Uncook An Octopus).” Electric Literature. The Commuter Series. (Fall 2021)

“The Monkey King Descends From The Clouds.” jubilat. Issue 39. (Fall 2021)

“Ultimate Sun Cell.” New Delta Review, Issue 11.2. (Spring 2021)

“Love Letter From Giant.” Yemassee, Issue 42, (Spring 2021)

“Rules Of Gargantua.” Witness, (Spring 2021)

“Lavender Sequence.” Meridian, Issue 45 (Spring 2021) *Nominated for Best Of The Net


“Ode To Endless Night.” Gordon Square Review, Issue 7 (Fall 2020) *Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

“First Memory.” Dryland Literary Journal (Fall 2020) *Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

“Vitamin Factory.” Oyez Review, Issue 47 (Spring 2020)

“A Good Citizen Is A Hawk.” Gyroscope Review, Issue 20-2 (Spring 2020) *Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

“You Start To Grow Old.” New Ohio Review, (Spring 2020)